Thursday, July 28, 2011

Will You Be My Neighbor? {Christine Kay, Chicago Photographer}

Dear Phoebe Hope,

You were born into the cutest family. Ever. And to be completely honest- (as I recognize you are new to this whole "life-outside-the-womb" bit), you should know people really kind of throw around that whole "ever" thing a LOT. We call it Extreme-Facebook-Hyperbole. And sadly, it dilutes the compliment.

Still, sometimes when people say 'ever', it's actually cold hard fact. See, your oldest brother Simeon is . . . well, kinder-genius-adorbinstein. Your big sister Haven is adorbalicious-put-er-in-yer-pocket-pint-sized-princess. And that Isaiah, well shoot, he's just a smiley, dreamy tub of adorable-goodness. I'm tempted to get out the butter knife and spread him on some crackers, he's so darn delicious. So I gotta say, sweet baby, you have a lot to live up to.

Pressure's off though, baby Pheebs. (Can I call you Pheebs?) You are seriously one scrumptious, cheeky, sweetie-pie-adorab-pants yourself. I mean, really. We are all in love.

Welcome to the world, baby love.

P.S. I live downstairs so I hope you like me back.


  1. Thanks for sharing Christine! We don't get to meet her until tomorrow. *sigh* I adore the yawning pictures.

  2. Natalie Shedd *mommy of PhoebeJuly 31, 2011 at 6:58 PM

    WOW! i have phoebe right here but i just keep staring at these pix:) thank you thank you thank you christine!! very special moments captured and we will cherish them. it's such a miracle..every time a baby joins the family.

  3. Phoebe is beautiful and pictures are awesome! What a blessing this little girl has entered the world.