Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kelly and Ricky, Semi-Homemade Wedding

Once again I've had the opportunity to photograph a wedding for dear friends. Meet Kelly and Ricky. And meet their gorgeous "Semi-Homemade Wedding", a term Kelly coined to describe her wedding day. The wedding took place on New Year's Eve and it was the most fun!

This is one resourceful bride! I have never seen anything quite like it! Working on a tight budget did not mean this girl couldn't throw the lavish wedding of her dreams- it just meant that she had to work REALLY hard at being creative to pull it all off.

The details of Kelly and Ricky's beautiful wedding were made possible by their church family. Everybody pitched in and used whatever talents/gifts they have to put on the most spectacular day for this sweet couple.

Wedding Planner- friend, Monica McQueen of the fabulous Tres Chic Events
Venue- a gorgeous backyard ceremony and reception generously provided by Kelly's bosses and friends, Matt and Kim Miller
Dress- Designed, sewn, & embellished by friend of bride, Joyce Pence and . . . (prepare to gasp!) the BRIDE! with assistance by bridesmaid, Denise Pence
Flowers- Arrangements, bouquets, & boutonnieres created by friend, Lisa Savale
Cake- bravely made by wedding cake first-timer, bridesmaid Elizabeth Dias (She DID it!)
Officiant- friend/mentor, Bill Pinalto
Ceremony Music- friend of a friend
Decor- candles, lighting, tables, linens, firepits, borrowed from EVERYONE Kelly knows!
Manpower- the Bride and Groom worked together with many friends to hang all of the lighting, set up the sound equipment, construct the backdrop for the ceremony, set up tables, etc.
DJs- friends of Bride/Groom, Jimmy Baldwin and Matt Wolff
Food- many homemade goodies were supplied by several friends of the Bride and Groom
Photographer- little ol' me, of course! - friend of the Bride/Groom

I am so blown away by the community of love that surrounded this wedding and I hope it comes through for you in the images. Enjoy!
Just one more little detail- Ricky made, yes MADE his own ring! Who does that!?! He melted down family gold and somehow even managed to retain "In God We Trust" on the inside of his ring from a gold coin. Wow!

I L.O.V.E.D. her adorable cobalt blue BCBG slingbacks. Colored shoes? Good girl, Kelly!!!! (If you haven't yet read my guest blogger blogpost for Tres Chic on the whys of colored wedding shoes, you might want to have a little looksee here. It's kind of a thing for me!)

Kelly is, and always has been, gorgeous. Yes, but OH MY- on her wedding day, I just couldn't keep my eyes off her! STUNNING . . . with a whole new definition of the word. Just. So. Beautiful.

One of my very favorite images of the day. . . I came to get Kelly to bring her to Ricky for their "First Peek". Kelly grabbed my hand and exclaimed, "Christine! Feel my heart! It's POUNDING through my chest!" I turned my camera in my other hand and shot off one picture. I am in LOVE with it!! I can hardly believe it was framed so artistically! I love that you can see the anticipation and nerves in her facial expression. And I love the bridesmaid blurred out in the background. Sigh. Such a sweet moment! (Glad my nails were done!)
The First Peek. . . Ricky was floored by the beauty of his bride. Here are two images from that session though you really need to see the whole sequence to fully appreciate the moment. How special!

Between takes, I turned around to locate the ringbearers and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Kelly and the flowergirl on the ground. I overheard Kelly telling E, "Remember I told you on my wedding day we are going to make cupcakes with our dresses?!?! See!??" And so, here is one of the images of Kelly and E making "cupcakes". I've never heard of such a thing and it was just so darn sweet!
Kelly and 4 of the most special cutie-pies in her life . . .

(And a goofy little moment in between more "serious" shots . . . )

Just such a beautiful, beautiful couple!
The ceremony took place at 8pm outdoors by candlelight and twinkle-light. The most amazing ambience! Monica and Kelly did the most amazing job on the decor.
A fancy dessert bar, chocolate fountains, fresh fruit, the lovely wedding cake, homemade Kalhua & Irish Cream, sangria, . . . all completely divine!
Too bad all the wedding guests were such duds. No fun at all, I tell ya.
And the clock strikes midnight! Happy New Year!
A spectacular sparkler tunnel send-off!

Congratulations, Kelly and Ricky!!!!! I cannot begin to tell you just how much I enjoyed photographing your wedding day! Love you both!


  1. What a beautiful bride and beautiful photographs!!!

  2. Thank you so much Christine!!! You are an amazing, talented, charismatic, loving woman and photographer. Having you behind the camera capturing all the special moments at my wedding was such a blessing. You are truly the best at what you do and I will always be able to look back at my wedding photos and be blown away by how you captured the most important day of my life, perfectly! Thanks again Christine Kay Photography!!

  3. Wow what beautiful photos......they certainly are a perfect couple...and my lil sis was a stunning bride!

  4. Beautiful photos Christine!! What a gorgeous bride! Love her hair!