Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taryn and Ryan, Blissfully Ever After

Oh my goodness, I LOVE my job!!! Taryn and Ryan were referred to me through mutual friends and how blessed I am to now call them my friends. I just love these two! Every moment of their wedding day was a blast! Their sweet, deep love for each other, their creativity with their ceremony, and their "take it all in stride" attitudes did not go unnoticed by anyone on Saturday. It's been editing mania over here the past few days and I've got a nice, long blogpost to show for it. . . so let's just get on with it!

The wedding took place at the Talking Stick Golf Club on a gorgeous sunny day with amazing blue skies, dramatic clouds, and stunning views. I love this view of Taryn's "Greek goddess" wedding gown.
Some of the beautiful details . . . (last names whited-out in image below)
The bride and the maids were as perfect as could be. The girls had a little throwback moment with some Charlie's Angels action below right. Ha! The upclose of the dress was captured by my second-shooter for the day, Casey Cavner- Props to you!
Handsome, handsome men!
Ryan is such a sweetheart . . . make that "Fonzie-with-a-Heart", right guys?! Wink :) He was overwhelmed when he saw his bride for the first time and I have to admit, there wasn't a dry eye to be found (including behind the lens!)

I just had to get a little quirky with this next grouping. When am I ever going to get the chance again to photograph E*I*G*H*T, yes 8, kids in a wedding?!?! Sa-weet! Taryn is a kindergarden teacher and these cutie-pies are her former students. I thought the feel for the images called for some antique processing and texture. Diggin' it.

More gorgeous details! These little bride and groom figurines are vintage family heirlooms. I loved the history behind them and simply adored them!!!!! (And somehow I managed to resist the the impulse to stuff them in my pockets and give them a new home. Your welcome, Taryn. I know- the self-control is impressive. I know.)
The image in the lower right corner of the above collage was taken by Casey. Nicely done, Girlie! You were amazing!

Did I mention the gorgeous views, amazing blue skies, and luscious clouds? Yep- Phoenix/Scottsdale rocks in the fall!

A few from the ceremony . . .

Taryn's side of the family has a little family tradition. They always take a backwards picture when they get together. So I decided we needed to add a little spin on their tradition. I had the kids turn around and whispered in their ears for them to stick out their tongues and make faces and nobody would even know until they got the pictures back. It sure doesn't take much to get boys to latch on to that idea! The sweet little princess didn't want to play my devious little game which I thought was adorable. :) I LOVE this one!!!!
Some gorgeous images in that last half hour of sunlight for our bride and groom. . . *Brides, do yourself a favor and work with your photographer to make sure your he/she can make use of this divine chunk of time for some stunning portraiture. It could be the best decision of the day!

Sigh . . . just silence, . . . and a sigh . . .

Loved this kid (and his brother too!) He jumped in front of my camera and let me tell you, this kid (and his brother! :) ) have the moves. Insane. Really. How do white boys learn to dance like this? Thanks for the memories, buddy!
Oh yeah - and just so happened that he caught the garter too! My favorite part of this series though . . . look closely. Look at the extreme efforts the men went through to AVOID catching the garter. Way to go guys! I'm sure glad you had good grips on your beverages though. Phew. That was close! :) ha ha

Congratulations, Taryn and Ryan! You two are the coolest, nicest clients . . . that is, --friends-- I could ask for. I hope you are having a blast in DisneyWorld!


  1. It's not like me enjoy pictures of myself, but these pictures are absolutely amazing. You have so much talent, Christine. You don't know how many people have seen these and commented on how awesome you are. Thanks so much for being so great to us and making us look good on our specail day.

  2. I just about died over the flowers... so amazing, as was the whole wedding for that matter! nice work C!

  3. Thanks so much, Taryn! I am so glad you are enjoying your sneak peak. I'm working hard on the others!

    Thanks Tiff! Everything was amazing!