Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kelly, Class of 2010

What a whirlwind! Kelly had lots of ideas for wardrobe for her senior shoot and I had lots of ideas for locations sooooo . . . we decided to go for it! We had a blast! Our favorite background ended up being a total gift! ...

We were driving around looking for the perfect place to shoot her in her boots and cowboy hat and my jaw about dropped to my ankles when right there before us was this sweet old Chevy truck! And black no less! AND then the guy who owned it walked out and promptly gave us permission to use it! While I was shooting, I was so giddy I kept laughing when I checked my shots in the LCD panel. Poor Kelly asked, "Uh . . . are they okay???" I quickly corrected her thinking and apologized and told her I just laugh when I get excited I guess! haha. They turned out A-MA-ZING! Way to work it, Kelly! I adore all 3 of these first shots! She looks like she should on a CD cover!

Rockin' the red door!!!!

I was so excited for all of the color we found!

Supermodels beware . . . here comes the competition! Amazing work Kelly!

Congratulations on your senior year, Kelly! I am so glad you asked me to do your senior photos!


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  2. Christine You forgot to mention the boys!!! especially the creepy one that took my picture!

  3. I LOVE EM CHRISTINE!!!! You are awesome!

  4. Good job seeeesta! I love the colors in this shoot and of course the subject was beautiful!!! She's lucky to have these pics!