Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love Shoot Mega Post- Carissa and Mark

So what's your opinion on word-stealing? I recently read the word "radtastic" in a blog and I have to admit, after editing these sample pics from Mark and Carissa's engagement shoot, "RADTASTIC" is all I can say. (So forgive me for hijacking the word, but being that I am a child of the eighties, I am diggin' it!)

I recently made the decision to blog less pictures on each post and arrive at a more 'normal' amount for a photography blog. Well, I spent the morning bickering with myself about which of these gems to let go and let's just say that I chose peace. I quit cutting. Soooo, get comfy and enjoy the MEGA-RAD-TASTIC-NESS!!! (Now THAT happy word IS original! Feel free to hijack it at will.)

(Note: My monitor is calibrated for my lab which adds a bit of warm yellow tone to images, so if your monitor is set to stark white, you will notice some of these images look a little white-washed. Go ahead and turn down the brightness on your monitor to help a bit.)

Starting off with a bang- I love this image so much I could marry it. And YES! That is some bonafide beautiful sunshine feathering out at the top there. Sigh.
The cross ended up being a theme for this engagement shoot. We found this sweet gate with a cross and Mark brought a couple of cross shirts for the shoot. Perfect! These two love Jesus Christ and want Him to be the foundation of their marriage.

These two were so fun to work with! This little sequence was inspired as I had them sit down and put their hands on their knees like kids. They made kissy faces at each other partway through me shooting and I love how the sequence turned out!

GOR-GEOUS!!!! I adore this one!

And a little bit of fun . . .
Carissa, you are so funny!!! They came up with this little diddy all on their own. I love it!

I was doing cartwheels inside as we wrapped up their session with a little sunset yumminess!

Mark and Carissa, I had so much fun on your shoot! Happy engagement! I can't wait to shoot your wedding in November! It's going to be gorgeous!


  1. LOVE these! --and i agree, christine: totally RADTASTIC! =) --sari