Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alyssa and Matt "I Do"

Alyssa and Matt got married on Saturday in the sweltering August heat that Phoenix is known for. Thankfully there was a little bit of a breeze, but that didn't help much! These two are complete troopers though! To get the images they were hoping for, we took to the outdoors in the thick of the midday heat. I think the high that day was 109. So yes, they deserve some sort of medal of honor for a) not melting away on me b) looking absolutely gorgeous despite the heat and c) not complaining even once! Enjoy your post, Newlyweds! You deserve it!

Matt and Alyssa chose to see each other before the ceremony so they could get to their reception quickly after the ceremony. Here is a little series of images showing their first few moments together. Some vintage-y processing.

The church had some limitations for outdoor pictures so we took to the streets- quite literally. The bridesmaid on the left is indeed, 8. Months. Pregnant. Did I mention I was handing out medals of honor for withstanding the heat?!? Way to go, Sarah!
These two are so sweet together. He clearly adores her! And he is her everything . . .
Some more vintage post-processing. . . I love this one so much, they are getting it in antique black and white and full color as well!

The church rules did not allow flash photography and I had to remain in the back of the church to capture my images. The ceremony lighting was very low, utilizing candle-lighting for effect. It was beautiful. Very tricky though, to pull enough light for photography. When this is the case, I process in black and white which makes the grain from the necessary use of high ISO speed look intentional- "Old School", if you will. Though it does limit me a little creatively, ceremony pictures shot in these conditions sure do have quite a sense of drama and timelessness. 
Alyssa's grandfather performed the beautiful ceremony. I was cracking up at this image (below) so I had to post it- check out little Ringbearer! Wonder who he's making faces with. . . .

I love the feel of this one. This image captures the significance and holiness of the moment. The lines that the aisle-way produces as well as the shadows of the cross add to the dramatic feel.
Here is our ringbearer coming down the aisle after the ceremony. It's like he's saying, "Ya. I pretty much aced that one." If you follow my blog, you know somehow I always end up with somewhat of a crush on the ringbearer!
Alyssa and Matt requested a quick round of pictures during the reception so we could utilize the soft light of sunset. I was thrilled! for these next two, I played around with some funky poses and added some drama and edgy textures in post-processing. I am loving the feel! Very 'Vogue'. Prepare yourselves for glam and gorgeous-ness!

Oh my goodness. This is the kind of shot you just hope you and your camera are ready for when it comes! Truly magical! Probably my favorite image of the day. 
Father/Daughter dance . . .
Had to post one more image from the reception. I love the tender moment these veteran parents managed to enjoy on the dance floor with kiddo looking on. I LOVE it!
Congratulations, Matt and Alyssa! What a great day!

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