Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lydia and Crew (a.k.a. 'Mom' and 'Dad')

Even in this 105 degree heat, we are finding ways to have fabulous outdoor photoshoots! We found a great location with tons of shade and lots of pretty greenery. Lydia turns 1 this month! Happy first birthday, sweet baby girl!

Oh, Little Lydia. This little sweetie-pie has the most amazing, detailed blue eyes. She is just so darn cute, I was all gaga over her during the entire shoot.
Lydia started off not really enjoying the feel of grass on her legs . . . I really do LOVE capturing kids crying. They are just so stinkin cute mid-cry! I can't help myself. (Now, to clarify- I do NOT make a practice of trying to get my subjects to drop some tears- I just don't mind it at all if they do!)

Now seriously, does it get any more adorable???? I loved this squishy-tantrum-y face!

It didn't take long to find happy baby! . . . with a little help from Monkey.

I love these next two . . . check out Lydia's adorable expressions -almost as if she's "commenting" on her parents' public display of affection! Ha!

So cute! Blowing bubbles at each other . . . Lydia's turn. . .

Dad's turn. OHHHHHHH so cute!

Soft focus here, but I just couldn't cut it from the batch. She looks so cute!

Her eyes are just so piercing! She was quite a mesmerizing subject. I am so glad to have been asked to do this photo shoot. Lydia was such a trooper, lasting way longer than we anticipated. Happy first birthday, little sweet one!

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