Thursday, June 18, 2009

April and Eric- Going to the Chapel

April and Eric got married at the Prayer Pavillion at Phoenix First Assembly on Saturday. I was so privileged to work with this fun-loving pair! They are so laid-back, trusting, and best of all- IN LOVE!!

Oohh-la-la! I love the drama of this image and the dress was fabulous!

Gorgeous flowers!!!!! You won't believe it, but this resourceful bride and her crew MADE these bouquets themselves!! Wow. Can we say . . . start a floral business??

The things we girls endure . . . Here's April getting all synched up. As you can tell, she could barely breathe!!!

Final adjustments to the veil . . .

Some formal shots of our stunning bride!!! I love this next duo! For the second one I told her to imagine what it would feel like to see Eric's face as he watches her walk down the aisle. . . She lit up like a Christmas tree!

HELL-O, Ms. Bridal Model!! I adore the twinkle in her eye-

A sweet sister-shot . . . .

Had to go with a little drama for the fellas- I told them to make studly faces here. Love it!

"Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting" . .. well, at least the groom and his brother-

Little Ringbearer Sillihead!!! This little ball of energy and I were PALS!!! Moms- Don't worry if your little ringbearer son misbehaves for his pictures. I'd rather get this shot anyway!!

Awwww, darling!

Our sweet flowergirl took her good ol' time coming down the aisle (she took her job VERY seriously and did an outstanding job!) . . . so she made it into this shot. I love the uniqueness of the moment as Flowergirl looks back at the bride. And Eric's face - you can tell they didn't see each other before the ceremony! :)

Look how cute these two are!!!!!

Hi-Fives all around! We did it!
One last funny story and I'll wrap up the post- Jake, our little ringbearer, passed by the communion tray after the ceremony and like any hungry kid worth his salt, couldn't pass up the leftovers!!!! Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard!!

Bride and groom shots on the next post! Stay tuned!

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