Tuesday, April 21, 2009

College grad Courtnee

Good looks run in the family! Here is Casey's sister, Courtnee. Courtnee has the most radiant way about her. She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out!

I LOVE these next two! She looks so natural and happy. I love the way her hair flows- I think we must have picked up a little breeze . . . just perfect! She looks like she's walking down the runway.

I love these next two. What great wardrobe choices she made! The top really highlights her face the way that it has a gradient into a lighter color- brilliant!

I love this funky wall. Those little orange circles are lit-up plastic pieces filled with various recyclable and organic materials. Very cool. (And I love her adorable green dress!)

Thanks, Casey and Courtnee! I had a great time hanging out with you!

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