Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Krista and Tyler's Engagement Pictures

Tyler and Krista are by far, one of the most entertaining couples I've worked with. Tyler is the 'entertainer' and Krista is . . . well, 'the entertained'. She loves her beau and he adores her. Their story is so sweet. He loved her from the beginning even though she wasn't ready for a relationship. He became her best friend and waited for her to realize what she was missing in not dating him. I love it! They make me goose-bumpy. (Insert smiley-face.) It was a joy to photograph their love story. You'll see more of the "Entertainer" and the "Entertained" next week on my second round of pics. I am getting a few up tonight, but can't wait to work on the next batch!

I found this bird wall a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. To me it speaks so much about starting a new journey together. I *HEART* you, my sweet bird-wall! Krista and Tyler look so high-fashion in front of it!

No words for the next one, just a smile . . . a sigh. . .

I wonder what he said to make her laugh so beautifully . . .

More to come, you beautiful people, you!

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  1. You definitely have quite the scouting talent. These locations are awesome! Love the Benfords' photos too. :) xo