Monday, April 20, 2009

Casey's Senior Pictures

What a fun weekend of photo shoots! Here is the first of a pair of seniors. Casey graduates from Dobson this year and his sister, Courtnee graduates from U of A. We explored the Tempe Town Lake and the back alleys of Mill Ave. and had a blast together. I couldn't have asked for a more laid-back, easy-to-work-with pair!

* Click on individual images to view enlarged versions.

I LOVE how Casey rocks out this bright pink shirt. This guy has style!

This family is known for their deep, chocolate brown eyes! Casey is no exception!

Killer wall below! I loved shooting with it and adding some extra grundge-y texture.

A favorite of mine! Love, love, love it! He definitely looks like a model!

Another favorite . . . .

Love the chill expression here. Casey thought he was just waiting for me to get my camera ready. I love that he is just checking out the scene here and not worrying about the camera.

Casey, I LOVED shooting you! Thanks for being such an easy-going subject! I'll look to get some of Courtnee's pics up tomorrow. . .

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