Saturday, May 22, 2010


Sigh . . . so before we leave for Chicago, I decided to do a little photo shoot for my daughter and her best friend. These two have been in school in the same classes together since they were 3! T and M . . . inseparable sweetie-pies!

My dears, I love the way you two giggle together. I love that you're still not too old for tickling each other. I love that you both lost teeth together this year. (Your patience paid off, didn't it?!) I love the way you plan outfits to match. I will miss the way you disappear into the orange tree for your little 'girlie meetings'. I love the way you emerge from T's room all dressed up in crazy rockstar gear and put on silly performances. I love that you compete with each other in class for where you are at in the special "Blue Folder" in Math. And I love that you'll wait for each other too. :) You two are the sweetest of friends and I am grateful for your friendship to each other.

I'm sorry that our move means separation for the two of you. I promise that we'll make sure you get lots of phone time with each other. And I promise that we'll work hard to get you two together again many times.

P.S. Your friendship makes me smile. You are beautiful.

About this time in our photo session, T started getting reflective. I guess the reality is setting in. The last playdate at the park together. Their last sleepover at our house. . . it's going to be rough without you, M!

I love you girls both so much. I hope the special photos on your walls will cheer you up when you're missing each other . . . T, I promise to wipe all your tears and snuggle when you're sad. (Chocolate chip cookies when necessary!)

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