Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Adoption Story!

I *LOVE* unique stories of how God builds families. There's nothing like it! When I heard that our friends were fostering and adopting a brother sister pair, age 4 and 8, my heart leapt! There are so many older children who will never get adopted simply because most families are looking to adopt babies. Mind you, I think all adoptions are beautiful and am thrilled whenever kids go to loving families, but there is something really special when the kids are older.

These two kids are such incredible blessings! Whenever I see them, they are grinning ear to ear. I am so happy for them and so happy for my friends. God built Vermon and Danae's family in a rather unconventional way . . . first came fostering and then while in the process of adoption, they became pregnant! Now these two sweet kids are big brother and big sister to an adorable little guy. It's just plain beautiful.

The adoption went through on Thursday and to celebrate their new forever-family, I took them downtown for a little mini-shoot. I am was so blessed to be able to photograph them and document God's amazing work in building a family. Congratulations, "P" Family!


  1. Christine, I found your blog through Amy Glover's. (Knew her years ago...) I've always found your photos inspiring, but this set in particular brought tears to my eyes.

    My husband & I cannot have children of our own & have been praying that adoption would possibly be the answer. So beautiful to see this family coming together. I can only hope we will some day have a story of our own similar to this. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Awww. That's sweet. Thank you for viewing and thank you for the compliments. God always has the most amazing stories! He is writing yours and when it is fully revealed, I'm SURE it will be beautiful!