Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Caudle Family

I had the privelege of spending time with this sweet family of four over the weekend. The boys were hysterical and so much fun. They kept me on my toes and I loved watching them interact with their environment.

I like to let kids get comfortable by exploring, so I told them to have fun and go play once we got to the park. After a few minutes, I overheard the older one saying, "When is she going to take pictures?" Mom replies, "She IS taking pictures, honey." And his honest response, "Why is she taking pictures of our BACKS?" heehee. Sneaky, aren't I, Drew?
And here is right after he heard me giggling in the background. . .
Quickly the boys discovered a baby bird who had fell out of her nest. It made for a great sequence of pictures as they took it all in. Sweet little birdie. (Drew named her 'Olivia'.)
Looking up at the nest with the mama bird chirping madly at us. . .

Beautiful looks of awe and wonder. sigh. . ..
settling in to watch 'Olivia' on their bellies. . .

(I love this milky vintage-y style of B&W. . . )
Darling little guy- so full of spunk and personality! Definitely the show-boat of the photo session!

Sweetness! This little guy wasn't so sure about me, but I did get him to crack a smile from time to time. . .

Always a smile . . .

Hello, Mr. J.Crew! I just LOOOOVE this shot of his discerning expression. He was definitely sizing me up for most of the photo shoot and I just love capturing real expressions. He is so handsome!

Nothing like rescuing a photo shoot with a little lollipop from the camera bag- Happy again!
I so enjoyed this family!! Thanks for a wonderful morning together!

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