Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweet (Not-so-baby) Baby James Round 2

Hee hee. Half-way through our session and James was getting a little bored, so I decided to give him all I had for entertainment- my lens cap! I think it could make a great Canon ad!

This one CRACKS me up!!! It looks like he is a teenager rolling his eyes and shaking his head at his mom. I had to include it!

The history-making Cardinals are heading to the NFC playoffs! A local boutique had this on the sign, so we decided to try to capture it - even though James was spent-spent-spent by this time. This one's for Daddy!
Oh my gosh! It must sound kinda mean, but I think it is just so darn cute when little ones cry!!! Hopefully, this is NO foreshadowing for the Cards!

Amanda is a bea-u-ti-ful mommy! Here she is snuggling away James' tears.
Ahhhhh! No words . . . . just a deep sigh . . .

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