Friday, January 16, 2009

Katie's Downtown Excursion

I could call this post a study in color! Katie is my bold-fashionista-senior so we had to find some colorful backgrounds to match. We had a blast downtown wrapping up her Senior Session.

While heading to our first location, I spotted this pristine turquoise blue old-time Chevy truck off in a parking lot. I knew we HAD to shoot with it and was thrilled with the way the color worked so well with her outfit.

We found this sweet couch made out of pool noodles!!!!! Ahhhhh, the color!!!

Playin it up in front of this old-style ticket booth . . . Had to do a dramatic wash with this dramatic pose.

Even though I couldn't avoid the window glare, I HAD to shoot Katie in front of this fashionable little boutique. She looks so glam!

Mmmmm-mmmm- fun with lens flare. . .

LOVED this wall and the wind picked up and blew her hair just right. Could it get any better?

Busted out my new 50mm 1.4 f-stop lens- I'm loving the vibrant colors it captured and the sunbeams . . .

Katie is a shoe-girl, so I made her bring along a bunch of her sweet shoes and take a picture with them. I think she thought I was completely corny when I asked her to hold up some of her shoes, but I love how it turned out, Katie!

Thanks, Katie, for so much fun, drama, and color!

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