Friday, October 3, 2008

Mabel, Max, and Macy

More pictures from Mabel's session . . .

I love love love this image. After falling down and hurting her finger, Mabel ran to her mom for comfort. Jenn is an AMAZING mom and healed Mabel's 'owee' with the magical-mommy kiss. Healing hurts with kisses- another season of life you wish would last forever.

Little girls love twirling . . . doesn't big sister Macy look beautiful?

Big brother Max was a great subject. . . coming up with his own ideas and asking for more pictures. How lucky is that?!

Don't let this one out of your sight- she'll be breaking hearts soon enough-

The Frey kids have such a beautiful relationship with each other. Max and Macy really care for Mabel and love to make her laugh. (P.S. More crinkle-nose!!!! Gotta love it!)

I had to capture Mabel sucking on these two fingers. All 3 of the Frey kids used this hand position for comfort when they were young. Gotta get those things on film!

And a shot of the 4 of them for a surprise for Daddy!

Thank you, Jenn, for bringing your kids for an amazing session. You are all completely beautiful!

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