Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little Miss Mabel

Oh my goodness, what an amazing subject for my first professional shoot. Little Mabel is just as luscious as can be. We had fun at the park and I just chased away with camera in hand. This allowed us to get some great candids and natural expressions. I am in love with this first image. To me, it is the perfect heirloom picture to show her grandchildren someday- "This was me when I was 2. . . " Can you imagine the gasps!?

I love this expression- what's she thinking about this woman with the big camera chasing her around???

Another favorite. . . she takes my breath away, she's so cute! It took everything in me not to nibble on those yummy cheeks!!

Giggles, giggles, giggles! 2 year old 'scrunchy noses' are so cute! When do kids stop doing that anyway?

These next two are so precious- I love isolating one family relationship for an image. So much is spoken here without even seeing faces. I love that!
These are the days . . .

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