Friday, December 5, 2008

Carmen and Mya

My sister, Carmen, and her daughter, Mya hadn't had professional portraits done in years. Mya was extremely cooperative and was quite a trooper for all the different places we shot. I think she just might ready for more work as a model! (And yes, my sister clearly is ready too!)

I'd get in trouble if I told my sister's age, BUT- she IS older and I have to say, I'm jealous of her amazing complexion and lack of wrinkles!

Loved this little bit of light in the corridor lit up their faces so beautifully.

I love the way Mya is looking up at her Momma here.

The Christmas card pic . . .

I love her poofers!

These black and whites are my very favorites. . .

In this next one, I love the knowing look on Carmen's face and the look of contentment on Mya's face- There is so much communicated in the eyes. To me, it highlights the protective nature of mothers and the security that provides for the child.

Another mama-bear image. This one is my top favorite!

Done with the pensive shots- now a fun one!

Spotlight on Mya . . . don't you love the little bit of attitude?

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