Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

While I really should be packing for Hawaii (!!!!!), I couldn't resist a little post from last night. Thought I'd share some of the cuteness from our first experience of Trick-or-Treating in Chitown. Enjoy! (Pics from Hawaii are a given so stay tuned!)

T- A Snow Angel
L- . . . I think you can figure it out :)
C- nothing more suitable than a Chicago Gangster, don't you think?
I'm really going to miss this someday . . .
This neighborhood REALLY gets into it!
The big kids got a little irritated cuz Little L kept stealing the show. Can't tell you how many times people told her she was 'Best in Show' for the night. Doesn't hurt that she's a little ham.
L- "Mommmm! Why does everybody keep laughing at me??!?"
Me- "Oh hunny, they're just giggling because you are so cute!"
L- (Wrinkled nose, annoyed tone), "Well, they aren't supposed to LAUGH!!"
True Dat, L. True Dat. :)
Andddd I couldn't resist it. I thought this guy deserved a pic all his own.

I wonder what his kids think. Haha.


  1. looks like you guys had a blast Christine! your kiddos look adorable! :) have a wonderful time in Hawaii!!!

  2. Thanks, Erin! Loved your last engagement shoot post! Gorgeous!

  3. As always, amazing photos! I can't believe how they get into Halloween here, nothing like AZ!
    Enjoy Hawaii and I look forward to seeing those pictures too and living through you to experience Hawaii. Someday I will get there.

  4. Thanks for sharing Christine! Props to Logan for carrying around a big costume all night! Glad she got complimented on it because it is super cute. Hope Hawaii is great. You guys deserve the trip!

  5. wow, looks like a spread for Family Fun magazine!!! That's the way Halloween is supposed to look! fall leaves, front porches, mugs of hot drinks!!! Nothing like AZ trick-or-treating and sweating! ha!!! Oh I miss you! I can't wait to show the kids these pics! they'll love them! have fun in Hawaii!!! how fun!

  6. Thanks all! I appreciate the comments. Miss you too, T. And YES! This is what Halloween should be!!

  7. Oh I love how Tay is such a diva snow angel!! They all looked so cute! I wanna trick or treat in your hood!!