Monday, September 20, 2010

A Rockstar Princess, a Cupcake, and Bunny Ears- Chicago Child Photographer

My cousin, Tim and his wife Laura were planning a trip to Chicago for a little get-away. When he approached me with the idea of doing a photo shoot for his family while they were here, I knew I had to say YES!

So if there is ever a time that a little one (who rarely ever gets sick!!) will get sick, sure enough, it'll be right before a trip or a photoshoot. Unfortunately for E, it was both! The first night upon their arrival and the eve of our shoot, E was up all night with a horrible chest-y cough. When we met up for our morning shoot her little voice was raspy and sad and she was super tired- yet she worked so hard to cooperate, smile on cue, and play our little photo-game. Because she was such a trooper, I nick-named her "Rockstar" but couldn't help calling her "Princess" too because of how sweet she was. So then I just started calling her "Rockstar Princess". I think she earned it!

This was the first time I've met Laura. I knew I'd love her the moment I spotted her bright orange flats. (If you've followed my blog for long, you know I'm a sucker for gorgeous shoes.) My love went to a whole new level when she showed me the outfits she brought. I LOVED everything she picked out for the shoot. PERFECTION. Mama's: Take Note! This is how it's done for stunning photos. Colors, layering, headbands, hats, multiple outfits, unique clothes, . . . . Yep! She did it all right!
I love it when parents bring along kids' comfort items on shoots. I knew I wanted some pictures of E with "Kitty". I love a good, flopsy snuggly. It's such a sweet part of this stage of life and I really love to make sure we document it well.
This little munchkin has the most detailed, beautiful blue eyes. And those cheeks!! Delicious!

The two responsible for afore-mentioned cuteness . . .

Because she's family and because she was feeling so cruddy, I knew I had to bribe E with something extra special. Half-way through our shoot, a Sprinkles cupcake fit the bill.
Red velvet was her cupcake of choice. Gotta love a southern girl!!!
Playing a game for some fun photos . . .

WARNING: Killahhhhhhh Blue-eyed Babay ahead. Nuf said. ( . . . Ya, I know- I'm a nerd.)

I'm pretty much willing to do anything to get kiddos to be happy and smile during the photoshoot. At this point in our session, poor E was just ready for a nap. So, yes . . . I MAY just have had her leggings from outfit 1 on my head for the last 30 minutes of the shoot. Hey, they make GREAT Bunny Ears, you know. . . and if you turn your head back and forth fast- you're a helicopter! (This is me with no shame.) And yes, Laura, maybe we should have taken a picture of it. Classic Christine moment. Classic.
How sweet are they? She's giving her baby brother 'a flower'. :)

I think this last one might be my favorite. Such cutie-pies!!! Laura, I know you were anxious to see this post. Rest assured, this is just a sampling. There are gobs more coming your way! You guys were great! I'm already looking forward to the next time I get to do a shoot with your family.


  1. Great job christine! (as always!!!)
    and Tim, what adorable babies you have!!! I can't wait to meet them someday!

  2. Yeah! You're back in business! Love to see your photos on here. You do an amazing job. This is a cute family!

  3. Oh the outfits are so stinking cute. I can totally picture your bunny ear/helicopter antics. Makes me miiiiiiissssss you. Such a cute fam! E looks like Tay!

  4. The pictures are wonderful! You really captured our kids at this stage of their lives, and we will cherish these pictures forever! Thank you so much for all of your kind words...our kids loved you and we too can't wait until we can do this again.


  5. Christine- I am SO glad you are posting pix again. I check you blog regularly. Super cute family and I agree with Monica, E does look like Taylor.

  6. BTW, The previous post is from Susu.

  7. Thanks, everyone! I really appreciate your blog comments! They always make me smile.

  8. Christine!!! I was looking for Steph's blog, found it and others and then wound up here! You are doing AWESOME! Such fun staying up way too late to check these out! Take care! Love, Tiff in Oregon