Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Krista and Tyler, "I Do" Under the Boojum Tree

Krista is the little sister of one of my best friends in college, so shooting this couple on their wedding day was especially meaningful. Tyler and Krista got married at the Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens in Phoenix on Saturday, a mecca for interesting backgrounds and eclectic decor. I love this adorable couple and am thankful that they chose me to capture their wedding day.

I was awed by how gorgeous and sophisticated Krista looked. (As you'll see a few images down, so was Tyler!)
"BUSTED!" Ha! This is one of my favorite candids of the day! Tyler was supposed to be following me to get his pictures taken, but I turned around and he was no where to be found. I retraced my steps and found this little scene- Tyler with his parents, Dad with a little silver flask in hand. (Heh-hum! . . . just clearing my throat a bit . . . ! Ha!) I LOVE each of their reactions as they respond to getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Thankfully, I always keep my camera on, even during transitions. Sometimes the best images come during these non-events. What a great laugh!

Tyler and Krista's 'First Peek' was my favorite moment of the day. It was filled with so many emotions- to be able to capture this much in a 20 second period of time- it is a dream come true for a photographer. Tyler was nervous and excited at the same time waiting to see his bride. Krista walked down the pathway, glowing as she anticipated surprising her groom. It was all just so romantic . . .

I LOVE this image!!

The Boojum Tree's ceremony site could NOT get any more beautiful! (And this, in the heart of Phoenix! Who knew!?!)
A little collection of images to capture the uniqueness of this venue. . .

Sigh . . . She is just so radiant!
(In the ceremony collage, I had to include a shot of my new friend, Jim- the gentleman in the red coat and derby. What a dresser!)

We're MARRIED!!!
A family friend allowed us to use their 1969 baby blue Mercedes for portraits. Perfection!

Details from the dinner site- inside the Boojum's greenhouse. Krista and her crew did a fantastic job planning out all of the beautiful details.
And outside on the gazebo for dancing . . .

What a day! Tyler and Krista, I love you guys! You were such a pleasure to work with. Enjoy Hawaii and we'll be in touch soon.


  1. This collection is some of the best shots I have ever seen of the Boojum Tree. One of my favorite venues in the valley. Thank you for sharing.

  2. hey!
    another wonderful collection... good job! I'm proud of you and all your hard work. Love you!

  3. Great shots Christine! It's fun to see the images in the making and then the final product. And I had a blast shooting with you.

  4. Christine,

    As parents of the bride and new "in-laws" to Tyler, words cannot express what an amazing job you (and Chris) did to capture the beauty and excitement of one of the most special days in the lives of a couple!! We are really speechless and amazed at what a wonderful picture book you are creating that will last a lifetime and beyond! Thank you for sharing with us the gift God has given you! Love~Alan & Becky Packer

  5. It was a pleasure to work with you and now to see your amazing work!! Good Luck in Chicago!
    Sarah Birkett
    Birkett Entertainment

  6. This collection makes me want to have this venue and you for my wedding in September! Absolutely stunning! I'll be in touch. :)

    1. That is really sweet, Jessica. Even though I am in Chicago now, I do come back to Phoenix for select weddings. My Fall is filling up with wedding bookings, so contact me soon. I look forward to hearing from you!

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