Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sarah and Loren's Wedding Round 2

A second grouping of pictures from the wedding I shot as a second shooter for Renee' Bergmen.

This little guy was my absolute favorite!!! I love his GQ pose and outfit! (That just happens to be a lemon slice in his hand given to the little man to keep him happy during the ceremony- yes, I think his dad is a genius!)

The flower girls passed time while family pictures were taken by blowing bubbles off in the distance. Of course, I had to chase them with my camera. I love life's simple pleasures . . .

We may have bent a few rules just a little on the golf course, but it made for some great pictures! Loran had a little 'too' much fun cruising around the golf course. . . I guess they don't call it a joy-ride for nothing.

I think the girls had a good time, what do you think?! The groom has this great expression like he enjoyed giving the girls a bit of a panic attack.

Below is one of my very favorites . . . what a beautiful, tender moment . . .

The father/daughter dance is one of my favorite moments to document. . . it's just amazingly beautiful.

Thank you to Renee' for inviting me to work on this wedding with you. What a beautiful couple!

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