Saturday, December 20, 2008

McQueen Family

Monica is my best friend and I was thrilled to do the McQueen's family pictures for their Christmas cards. I love this family!

Eden is being a dragon (or was that monster?) in this one- she loved 'scaring' me and making me scream, so I had to get it on film.

Some of the best shots come when kids run away from what they are 'supposed' to be doing during a photo shoot. I love letting them take the lead and do whatever it is they're itchin to do.

A pinecone caught Finn's eye. I love how he explored this strange finding in the Phoenix desert. 2 year olds are filled with such wonder over simple things.

What a little lovuh!

Hee hee. I adore this next picture (Finn really makes the pic!)
One of my favorites of the session . . . .

Sigh . . . I love this one. What a beauty!

I can't wait to do your pictures next year!

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